Review: Wargames Soldiers & Strategy

Review of;


This evening I was with my family in WH Smith and as stationery was being purchased elsewhere I browsed the magazine section.

I couldn’t remember the last time I had bought a wargames magazine, although I can certainly remember my first in 1984 (below)


I remember how this magazine drew me into the hobby.

As I looked through the offerings Wargames Soldiers & Strategy caught my eye, and lucky me it was Issue 100. I thought why not give it a review for Wargaming World, so here goes…


OK so let’s set some ground rules for a review;

Scoring System out of 10;

1. Picture content and quality

2. Historic content

3. Wargaming content

4. Advertising

5. Value for money


Picture Content and Quality – 8

I’ll start by saying that I had to look hard to pick fault here. The whole magazine is packed with great scenes and, possibly with only one or two exceptions, pristine looking figures and scenes. There are detailed photos too, a really enjoyable flick through. My only point here was the selection of unpainted figures covering 7 early pages. I think a wow factor up front might give it a better feel. However that said I have given this a very healthy 8.

2. Historic Content – 9

Really excellent coverage here particularly the German Airborne piece. It is very thorough and a feature piece rather a footnote to a wargame. The layout is also well constructed with pockets of information. Excellent.

3. Wargames Content – 10

My only disappointing aspect here is that I can’t give 11. This is absolutely first class. The birds eye view battlefield set up, simply drawn, is really good. The snippets of special rules such as “companion cavalry” charging hopilites. It has a very modern and fresh feel to wargaming and draws you in. I felt like picking up a set of dice and moving straight to turn one. I can’t think of anything I’d rather see here.

4. Advertising – 8

The advertising had a real quality feel to it with full page or half page coverage. The double page painting guide advert was a little much but it certainly made a point. It made the magazine look and feel like an established publication, with good money spent for advertising. Professional, polished and an acceptable quantity.

5. Value for Money – 9

£5 or so is a going rate and I was happy to pay it. 80+ pages of good content. I like the hard spine element to it also.

Would I seek the magazine out again?




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