Welcome Empires at War

It is now almost two years since Wargaming World first posted that we are really pleased to thank Empires at War for joining our Community Network. This was very significant as their designer, Mick Wilson, had provided a commissioned church which has now appeared in so many France 1940 wargames tables. The picture below is very simple, a Spanish type building with a blue, rather than red roof and walls painstakingly constructed with individual pieces.


Over subsequent years I have returned to Empires at War on a number of occasions and have been fortunate to receive an excellent Normandy model from the team which I have converted to an aid station.

The great feature of the Empire at Wars models is their simplicity. The models are pre-painted, and have a core structure which allows swift construction. The models are well made with a strong MDF feel and they are available at a very good price allowing a tabletop being able to develop quickly. Empires at War have a great range which can be seen from the via the link below and come highly recommended. Thanks to Mick and all those at Empires at War.


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