Review of 4Ground World at War Corner Grocers



The first of my many 4Ground purchases arrived in a large intimidating box in March 2018. The layers of pieces was daunting. However on completion I couldn’t have been happier.

I found the model challenging in parts. The doors and in particular the windows were fiddly and the smashed window was only due to the pva glue which covered it.

As a beginner I found the instructions helpful with excellent illustration, although the text a little sparse.

Day 1 –

I can remember looking at the construction of the stairs several times before completing it correctly. At this early stage I was also unsure of the amount of glue to use, however ordinary pva has been fine.

The model is excellent because 4Ground make an inner and and outer skin for the building. It makes the model robust. The laser cutting is also excellent and the positioning allows the build to sit perfectly.



I was however rather disappointed with the darkness of the building and I have still not thought of illumination. I can best illustrate the potential with the picture below;


And yes I do know this is a reappearance of our World War I figure but it illustrates how good lighting would be.


With all of this said I was still thrilled with the finished product;



F8D27A99-B1BD-4806-B7B2-060057D93D9C7C4C00F3-9846-4652-BE33-DAB8A3B94E7FI finish this review with the tiny detail, above, because the purpose is to wargame and the 4Ground design allows this beautifully.

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