Notes on a World Cup morning

I’ve never kept a diary. However, on receiving a gift I thought I’d write down some thoughts periodically. Oddly enough I enjoyed it. And therefore doing so here seems fine and something fun.

As the title suggests it’s 30 minutes before, at the time of writing, England’s WCF against South Africa, the sport being Rugby Union.

At the same time I’m mid-game with Germans looking to rush a BEF held train station. The Chain of Command game is excellent and I’ve got used to the rules. The Germans are up against it with no support in terms of mortars. However I like the fact that I leave the game for hours, days, in suspense and consider the options.

I’ve been playing this solo wargaming format for less than a year after finding a permanent place for my board. Sometimes I just go and take a look at my French town or rolling fields and it gives me real joy.

Right it’s time for the game.




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