Wargaming World Diary – Introduction

DDACABD8-AE27-491F-9D4A-DA9E5FB27FAESince Wargaming World is approaching its first anniversary I thought I’d add some structure to the website.

This is prompted by the fact that the Instagram account (225 followers) and the subsequent YouTube channel (73 subscribers) have been relatively successful. I say relatively as these are modest numbers. However they are certainly higher than the many “one hit wonder” ventures into the public eye which then see very little follow up and certainly no form or structure. Those which do are often really interesting and I therefore hope to achieve that here. However it also might be useful to follow the statistics and, for those starting out, to see what kind of timescale it takes in this hobby. I see myself as right at the beginning despite a year in. I would add that I’m 40 years into the hobby so certainly not a novice, but a little old school.

The website has to stand up as a good site to pause upon and be both a useful reference point and illustrate a continuous story. In this sense, and hence the diary idea, it is fun for me to follow how 2020 develops for my hobby. If people would like to follow the progress that would be great! However most readers won’t and therefore each entry has to be of interest in isolation and have a specific topic. And finally the entry needs to be fun and engaging, after all I don’t want to be bored reading this back! As a result each week will need a video of some form or other.

The video will be one of two types. “Live” will mean filmed that week. Most of the entries will be like this. The second will be a “library” piece such as the one below. This will be posted when I have not had time to add a complete film that week, or similar poor excuses!

Below is a link to my Christmas Chain of Command game to start things off.

I hope I can put together a journey you will want to follow.

OK thanks for reading and off we go with week one.

Thanks, Greg

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