Diary Week 1 – Charlie Foxtrot Review

Christmas to New Year, what a relaxing time!

Out of the blue (or rather green) I opened a box full of soft wrapping paper and expected something edible perhaps. Something much better was waiting inside! A Charlie Foxtrot 20mm Brasserie and a Tool Shed, wow!


I really loved the gift and couldn’t wait to put it together, and what an appropriate way to start my 2020 diary!

There are really two options, to focus on the building only or to invest as much artistic effort in the setting. I chose the latter.

However it’s worth taking a look at the build specifically as a review of the Charlie Foxtrot product.

It’s a little different in that it comes to you a little like a jigsaw with a bag of bits in front of you. The related instructions are also modest and for a novice this might be a challenge.

However in truth if you put all the small pieces back in the bag and look at the roof and two levels you are left with this;

With an undercoat added you get a sense of the final product and how you might add some new features.

For me I haven’t developed buildings with large adverts and I never really focus on the internal make up but here I thought differently.



I also used a variety of pictures to add to a bare floor to improve the build;


This meant I added to the floor and walls;


With a great deal of focus inside and out I was happy to add it to the tabletop and produce a YouTube video (below) to talk through the build.


A great gift and a good product I’d recommend.

Week 1 Social Media Count:

Instagram 232 (+7) / YouTube 71 (-2)

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