Diary Week 2 – French Artillery & Saipan

Week 2 begins with the construction and painting of two French 1940 different guns, the 75mm and the 25mm anti-tank.


I put this together, in part, to highlight weekly painting projects. I still think that there are lots of figures which don’t see the light of day and with just a touch of discipline we can see lots more figures reach the tabletop.

One of the challenges was determining the true identity of the French uniform. Eventually I stuck to the uniform which followed the Warlord guidelines principally however I used variations included within the video, please see the link below.

The progress was across Week 2;

And the final result and video link;



And video link;


On Saturday January 4th Tabletop CP released the introduction to their Chain of Command campaign Saipan 1944.

I have seen a play test game which I enjoyed and I’m looking forward to see a different theatre. Links are below.

Other Week 2 activities include the purchase of WW1 Belgians troops in order to use them in the WW1 Chain of Command adaptation. With German, British and Belgians it may be some time before they get to the table!


Tuesday and painting continues however discovered fantastic website for France 1940 – The Tactical Painter. At this stage I can only bookmark this for future reading.

Week 2 Social Media Count;

YouTube 77 (+6) Instagram 235 (+3)

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