Diary Week 3 – Chain of Command Belgium 1940

Weekend game planned in week 3. Watch this space!


With the French support in place I’m looking at a Chain of Command game at the weekend which includes both new support pieces.

This will be as support to the BEF.

Yesterday I watched one of my previous videos and realised how much this is a “work in progress”! It’s important to ensure that the viewer knows what you are referred to and an aid, a pointer, would be a good idea.

In addition “a building” is not interesting so it needs a name! So I need to add street names and place names perhaps.

Chain of Command Detail below;

The game has certainly not disappointed!

The German 1st wave had made significant ground before the Durham Light Infantry began to appear.



And as the game unfolded over the weekend it became an epic!

Please click on the video below;

What was particularly helpful were the tips on where my knowledge of the rules can be sharpened further around the force rating. It is really useful that people are prepared to help you through to enhance future games.

Week 3 Social Media Count

YouTube 86 (+9) Instagram 237 (+2)

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