Diary Week 4 – The Little Sheds of Dreams

Friday is the start of my new week, yes I know that’s a little strange, but it normally prompts the plan for the weekend game or painting session.

This weekend will be the development of The Little Shed of Dreams which was a freebe from Sarissa. This free gift followed a wargaming questionnaire I completed. Other players received the same thing.

In addition, and more importantly, I also received a Charlie Foxtrot Tool Shed from my family at Christmas. This was in addition to the Brasserie which you may have seen in my Week 1 video. I really wanted to do it justice and so here we go!

First Stages


I started by looking to add character to the two sheds and therefore took a Water Pump Set and began adding it to the two.


I then decided to add them to a setting and chose a farm scene which could ultimately be used either with or without the sheds (not gluing them down) to allow some flexibility for future tables.


Final Stages

The final stages were all about detail, the rust on the pump, the motorcycle pictures and the pigs!!

Here are a couple of pictures but the full video link is also below.


I have seen a good link which I don’t want to lose. In fact I now want to add a number of links so I need to review this site. A task to do!


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