Diary Week 7 -French Cavalry 1940

Things have moved so quickly last week that I’ve rolled into this week only half way through, if that, in my introduction of French Cavalry to the 1940 tabletop.


Picture courtesy of Nicolas G. @nicoreconstruction


In addition I wondered whether it might be able to compare how useful they might be in Chain of Command and Bolt Action so I’ll have to see.

Monday: I’m fairly far on with the painting when a bad back stopped my progress! Instead I looked to reach out to the group and suggest that adding a “Featured Channel” between mutual wargamers might be helpful? What a great response!

The conversation and support was really helpful and the Wargaming World channel grew further. In fact I quite enjoyed something different from an unexpected source!

Social Media numbers continue to increase;

YouTube 156 (+31) and Instagram 273 (+12)

Some of the pictures from Nicolas and Association Fed De Lance included;

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