Diary Week 8 – The Battle of Fer De Lance Pont (Spearhead Bridge)

Week 8 update

It’s Friday so the beginning of a new week. Things go so quickly!

Last week a new Facebook channel was created, and I was asked to be one of its founders which was great!



The YouTube channel grows at a rapid pace and we approach 100 more subscribers from the turn of the year.

And so to the next wargame which will see the French Cavalry, finished last week, and a small French force holding against the Germans until support arrives. And so we are fighting Fer De Lance Pont.

Here is the video for the Thursday release!

Almost as a reminder to myself week 8 has been a watershed moment with 50 more subscribers by combining Instagram and YouTube by trying to connect with every single like.

A great move forward.

Social Media Count;

YouTube 210 (+54) Instagram 303 (+30)

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