Diary Week 9 – Fix Bayonets’ Fallschirmjager

Week 9 sees a painting video following the presentation of 28mm figures from Fix Bayonets.

These pictures are with the kind permission of Andrew Johnson of The Frontline Association and are strictly copyright.

Early pictures 

Since a diary is also the place for drawings and ideas this week is the first where I have thought about writing a second book.

Of course a book about wargames has a niche market but a “year in the life” would be useful and a new take on the hobby.

Unlike Lexium 9 it would need to be simple and I think the numbers too give a good metric as the year goes through.

The difference of course is that I would need a publisher and perhaps that might come from Richard etc Let’s continue this and see where we get to.

Good progress over the weekend means that the figures are all but done. Here’s some pictures;



And here is the final video;

Following on from the release of the video I also received the following link.

Thanks to Michael for sharing this information on Facebook 👍


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