Diary Week 11 – Chain of Command World War One

I am amazed that so much has happened!!

The week ended with a World War One battle;


I don’t need to write down everything because it’s across the website but I certainly can see significant moments.

The creation of Chain of Command France 1940 is such a moment.


Even now there are 200 members. 200+ contributors on a very specific point of interest. I feel that there is a key community quality to it. I recognise many names who have joined and increasingly talk to people who like the things I’m presenting. For example last week I walked through the close combat element of the latest game. I’ve also purchased a clip on microphone to improve consistent sound quality.

And therefore what steps forward will follow? For this week I’m going to look at WW1 1914 once more and see whether I can revise and improve my current Chain of Command variant;


And so within the week I created a second Facebook group – Chain of Command World War One – and played a full game with the video below;

I’m not sure how I could be disappointed at the progress, but the YouTube channel slowed after two good weeks. I thought that all the activity of the week might bring more numbers beyond 300 but we sit at 298.

The overall speed of change by today (March 12th) cannot realistically be maintained. However more “firsts” include the chance to participate in an event in Durham in April 25th so watch this space indeed!

Social Media:

YouTube 298 (+12) / Instagram 323 / Facebook CoC France 201 (+9) / Facebook CoC WW1 137 (from 0)

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