Diary Week 19 – A Change of Scale & an Interview State Side

I took a trip into the loft and, unbelievably, I found unpainted 15mm armies which haven’t even come out of the original packet. A project which could be a year long.

What has been introduced is a different scale, a 10mm Anglo-Zulu War army I’m going to try out over the tabletop.


However the weekend was very much focused on the conversation I had with Travis Hiett of Tabletop CP. A great conversation which has in turn helped me to launch the Wargaming World Facebook Group.

Social Media Numbers

YouTube 430 (+15) / Instagram 370 (+2) / Chain of Command France 1940 281 (+7) / Chain of Command World War One 147 (+1) / Wargaming World 36 (+35) / Twitter 134 (+1)

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