Diary Week 24 – The Charge at Angre & Interview Finale

I’m pleased to be able to relax this weekend and dedicate some quality time to the game below.

I had read about the battle of Mons and the subsequent retreat but I was interested to see a small action on the 24th of August of a cavalry charge on the front foot by the BEF. I’m sure there are plenty of other instances but I thought this looked ideal for a small wargame.

I was also pleased to have found the information in the “Retreat and Rearguard” book by Jerry Murland which had been recommended to me for this very purpose. I hope you enjoy it.




British cavalry managed to charge – into very solid German resistance and within half an hour the British were in flight! It didn’t merit a video.

However my interview with Jens certainly did and as a result here is the video for this week!

Social Media Numbers

Very pleased to see all six platforms have increased this week. I am updating my playlists on YouTube too as I look at linking early videos together. I’m pleased with the results.

YouTube 489 (+8) / Instagram 385 (+3) / Chain of Command France 1940 318 (+2) / Chain of Command World War One 153 (+4) / Twitter 156 (+3) / Wargaming World 47 (+2)

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