Diary Week 25 – The Return to the Tabletop

I have had a busy few weeks, particularly with the delivery of six interviews. I’ve really enjoyed doing them and despite the disparity in the audience I do think that they will stand up over time.

Over the next week, and indeed for the remainder of June I hope to put a couple of games together and get gaming. I will start with 1914.


A fantastic game which I really enjoyed!! I hope you enjoy it too.

And yes!! I have reached 500 on YouTube and within a good timeline. Still looking at 1000 by the end of the year!

Social Media Numbers

YouTube 510 (+21) / Instagram 387 (+2) / Chain of Command France 1940 329 (+12) / Chain of Command World War One 152 (-1) / Twitter 165 (+9) / Wargaming World 48 (+1)


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