Diary Week 26 – A mid-year review

Well…week 26 of 52 and it’s a good time to review the progress made.

So what’s appeared over the past six months?

Below is the latest table for a 1914 Chain of Command game.


Well three Facebook groups and a Twitter account too.


I have grown my two original accounts YouTube (+440) and Instagram (+150) and there is a definite increase in the Wargaming World community. One new area introduced was that of the interview series, with the first interview with Karl of Denmark the most viewed of the six.


I also started my first campaign for Chain of Command;

There has been so much progress it really has been a great success! Onwards!!

And here is the last battle of the first half of 2020. Certainly worth the wait!!


Social Media

YouTube 522 (+12) / Instagram 388 (+1) / Chain of Command France 1940 335 (+6) / Chain of Command World War One 154 (+2) / Twitter 167 (+2) / Wargaming World 48

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