Diary Week 28 – Mission Impossible

A new Chain of Command game and the BEF are so up against it!

In truth this should have gone out last week, but it was a day late. I was very pleased to use the home made hills and to bring out the BEF again.

The game turned out very one sided, but perhaps it might have been improved with better dice.

On the media side I have been connecting on Twitter which has certainly made a difference regarding the YouTube numbers.

I’ve started an Anglo-Zulu game too this week which I might launch on (Week 29) as I have a second video planned regarding an upgrade of the tabletop. Lots to follow…..


And here’s the game!

Social Media Numbers

YouTube 593 (+15) / Instagram 389 / Chain of Command France 1940 348 (+2) / Chain of Command World War One 156 / Twitter 230 (+23) / Wargaming World 49

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