Diary Week 35 – It’s My First Time, In 30 Years!

I couldn’t quite believe it myself when I informed Peregrine that this was my first opponent in 30 years. I hadn’t actually played a wargame with someone since I was 18. Wargaming has been a solo, and thoroughly enjoyable, hobby for so long I couldn’t believe how great the game was.

Three hours disappeared and the excitement of every roll meant that I took some time to come down from the experience.

The best part of the game was the trust and honesty of how we rolled the dice. How could a British sniper be so useless and a French sympathiser such a good shot?

Chain of Command was a perfect fit for what we were doing and whilst it may be some time before I do this again I will not forget my first time (again) in a hurry.

Thanks Peregrine

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