Diary Week 50 – How to Play “The Men Who Would be Kings”

It is possible to over egg the pudding here. After all I haven’t gone from 1 to 1000 subscribers from January 1st 2020. In fact I started with 70 or so in the ranks. However it had taken over a year, from August 2018, to get there. And so a growth of around 14 times that number was a challenge. Things also didn’t start too well with a drop in numbers as I published my Week 1 video as I built my France 1940 Brasserie.

I have joked with the family “It’s not about the numbers”, because of course it is. It is a metric. The hobby, however, will not generate any numbers if it does not generate what it’s really about, having fun.

As a result the numbers became part of the fun themselves and it was the challenge of being creative which produced a virtuous circle.

I will not cover everything here, there’s a whole diary to take you through this at your leisure. I would only direct you to weekly videos, to interviews around the world, to friends, to lots of games and to a hobby I’d heavily recommend.

Thanks everyone.

Sunday Dec 6th

My fourth Zoom game with Peregrine and a sound defeat. I didn’t play well in an “smash and grab” game which required real coordination! However a really good game to play and my first in 1944 and as the Americans.

And to close off the week I also put together a “How to Play” video for The Men Who Would Be Kings game. Really pleased with how it came out!

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YouTube 1027 (+13) / Instagram 444 (+5) / Chain of Command France 1940 504 (+43) / Chain of Command World War One 177 / Twitter 564 (+4) / Wargaming World 132 (+9) / NUTS 192 (+17)

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