Welcome Early War Miniatures

There are lots of component parts which make up a wargames tabletop. There are so many great examples, so much effort is made by so many people. As a result I looked to find the very best as I looked to upgrade my France 1940 tabletop and the cobbled streets were the focus of my attention. For me the very best available came from Early War Miniatures and the team supporting Paul Thompson.

The quality of what Paul provides is included within the video below which also featured in Week 47 of my 2020 diary which can be found within the posts on the home page.

Tabletop Upgrade II – Wargaming World – YouTube

However you will see from the picture below the impact it has made to the tabletop and I recommend that you take a look at his website on the link below too. Thanks Paul and all at Early War Miniatures.


Thanks, Greg.

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