Building a Wargaming World


Well it’s one year later, and what a year. Then again perhaps it’s 35 years, plus 1, the culmination of a hobby which began


with a copy of Miniature Wargames (Issue 5) in 1984.

If I look back even further I would have to  say that it was “Look and Learn” waiting for me at my grandparents every week that set my imagination.

On the inside cover was the story of historic significance, more often than not the battles down the centuries. I can still remember the picture of the Battle of Hastings – or perhaps I think I can.


Whatever is the case history, military history in particular, has grabbed my attention and today, some 40+ years from this publication, here I am still enjoying every moment.

From the link below you will find my first website, France 1940.

France 1940

This site will take you through the build of the town in stages, as well as reference to Malling, a town on the France / Luxembourg border. I chose this location due to its features of a church, a river and bridge, a railway line and the fact that it was a battlefield during World War Two liberated by the Americans in 1944.

I realised only recently of the limitations of a site with a narrow specific name. I am grateful to Tabletop CP who pointed me in my current direction and helped my feel confident to produce this website.

I hope that you enjoy taking a look through this site. Any comments are most welcome and may I wish you a lucky dice role when you most need it.

Thanks Greg