As Wargaming World has developed I have been fortunate to engage with a number of great manufacturers who have provided terrain, buildings, figures and rules. I would certainly recommend you check out all off the following;

Empires at War

A great manufacturer and you can find them with both website and via Facebook.

Empress Miniatures

So many great periods covered here and plenty of my Zulu War forces from Empress. However it’s the Vietnam War in particular that I have US, NVA, ARVN and VC troops all being used for BOHICA rules from Empress. With a website and Facebook group I can recommend you check them out.

Early War Miniatures

Early War Miniatures took my France 1940 wargames table to a new level. If you click on the below you’ll see my “Tabletop Upgrade” and see how things came to life. However it would be remiss of me not to highlight the fantastic period miniatures that are on offer. Take a look at the website and treat yourself!

Greenfield Scenics

When you’re considering a new period to jump into the rules, figures or perhaps the painting materials might be your first thoughts. For me it is the terrain and I couldn’t have done better than meet Laurence and Greenfield Scenics when I moved to recreate Vietnam War actions. Simply a different level. Please take a look at the video below. You can follow the link to the EBay shop;

eBay shop-

And they have 10% discount on certain ranges at the moment.

You can also find them at their Facebook site.

Further updates to follow