Rules Writers

Below are manufacturers of rules writers of a variety of periods I play “in their words”;

Too Fat Lardies

“The rules we produce reflect the periods that we ourselves game, and are consequently the product of our own enthusiasm. We hope that you will enjoy them too. Just click on the links at the top of the page to find what you are looking for in the wonderful world of Lard.”

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You can also see the Chain of Command rules in action in the campaign videos below;

Empress Miniatures – Vietnam Wars BOHICA rules

BOHICA is a set of wargames rules specifically for the Vietnam Wars 1945 to 197…….They therefore cover the French Indo China War as well as the later conflicts involving ‘Free World Forces’ and the final days of the conflict as well as the Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia and following Chinese invasion invasion of Vietnam.  

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You can also see a “How to play BOHICA” video below;

Two Hour Wargames

Two Hour Wargames – Entertaining Games Playable in 2 Hours or Less.

From our Origins Award Winning Best Miniatures Game, All Things Zombie, to our WWII NUTS Squad Level combat rules, all THW rules are designed for solo. You can also play co-op(same side against the game), or head-to-head. You choose how to play your game!

We offer:

• Sci-Fi: Both Military and Cyberpunk.

• WWII: Squad Level Combat covering all Campaigns

• Fantasy: Dungeon Adventuring, Army Battle and Fleet actions. 

• All these and much more.

All THW rules can be played:

• On the tabletop with Minis and Terrain.

• On an 8″x10″ Battle Board with minis or counters.

Our print copies come with a free PDF that you can download as soon as you purchase it.

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Below is a “How to play NUTS” video, one of the major THW games.

More to follow.