Solo Board Wargames

Here are some recommendation links from solo board wargame players;

I have also received a huge list of options from a major wargamer of both miniatures and board wargames. Here’s some of his suggestions;

Hi Greg

374 games on here… don’t say I didn’t warn you…

…and thats just WW2…

Some of my favourites from that list:- – N Africa!!! – Rommels 7th panzer – France 1940! – man to man in the Battle of the Bulge – good one this! – this is excellent – this is a “book” game available on Amazon print on demand – here is the link –  a really good investment for £13!

This one isn’t WW2, but by the same game designer, but I real enjoy it, – just bought one, haven’t played yet, but it is being seriously raved about!

These two aren’t my cup of tea, but they are raved about…

This however, is my absolute favourite… – you can lose days playing this one!

Most games have a video section, often with unboxings of play throughs; and a Forum section, in which you will find a subsection called Reviews.

Welcome to BoardGameGeek, welcome to the Rabbit Hole of all rabbit holes…

PS – here are some non WW2 solo gems:-

All these by the same designer:-